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Consensus of cross-strait peaceful agreement

(People's Daily Online)

15:05, July 17, 2012

Edited and Translated by Zhu Rui, People's Daily Online

In recent years, the antagonism between mainland and Taiwan has been finally eased. Several rounds of negotiations between two sides lead to a new phase when a peaceful agreement is likely to be signed. At this moment, I believe there are three basic consensus which serve as basis of effective communication and create favorable conditions for smooth negotiations.

First of all, from the persepctive of cultural gene, Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are of one family. The Confucianism-centred traditional Chinese culture is shared by people across the Strait, which is manifested in such aspects as spoken and written language, custom and habit, as well as culture and religion. For example, Chinese on both sides use Chinese, enjoy lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting, worship ancestors and Mazu,and celebrate the Spring Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival. They are neither coincidences nor results of force. They come into being spontaneously due to the same origin of people on both sides and the blood relationship between mainland and Taiwan.

Second, geographically speaking, two sides cannot be separated. Taiwan is an island, located to the southeast coast of China. It has been China's inherent territory since ancient times. Across the Strait, both sides guard the channel of Taiwan Strait. Without Taiwan as the outpost, Chinese mainland is easily exposed to spying and invasion of foreign enemies. Without mainland as the backing, Taiwan will fall into danger when wars take place. Therefore, strategically, Chinese mainland and Taiwan cannot be separated.

Third, from the viewpoint of history, two sides should share weal and woe. In the past, Chinese mainland was closed, isolated, poor and backward while Taiwan was invaded and colonized successively by Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and Japan when these great powers expanded their territories in the world after industrialization .

All in all, it is sincerely hoped that under the banner of Chinese nation, Chinese on both sides will turn hostility into friendship with cooperative and united spirits. Wish the peaceful agreement between two sides will be signed soon.

Read the Chinese version: 两岸和平协议应有的共识, source: People's Daily Overseas Edition , author: Shen Jiyao


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