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China announces new rules to further increase gov’t transparency

(People's Daily Online)

08:34, July 12, 2012

The Regulations on the Management of Governmental Affairs, which was promulgated by China’s State Council on July 9 as the country’s first administrative regulations in this regard, focus on major government issues of public concern such as the disclosure of information regarding government spending on official receptions, vehicles, and overseas trips, government procurement, and conference management. The regulations establish the basic principles for governmental affairs.

Reducing unnecessary government spending

When central government departments were just considering banning shark fins at official receptions, Wenzhou, a coastal city in southeast China’s Zhejiang province, recently issued an official statement forbidding expensive food and drinks such as wild yellowfin tuna, abalones, shark fins, sea cucumbers, Maotai, and Wuliangye or luxury cigarettes at official receptions.

Since April 2011, most of government departments had disclosed their spending on official receptions, vehicles, and overseas trips, placing themselves under the supervision of the people.

Wu Pi, deputy director of Peking University’s Centre of Anti-Corruption Studies, said in an interview that public spending should be disclosed, stressing that government agencies should accept the supervision of the people, provide more detailed and thorough disclosure, and increase their financial transparency.

Experts said that eliminating unnecessary spending items and curbing expanding administrative expenses in a scientific way will effectively reduce government spending on official receptions, vehicles, and overseas trips.

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