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The Combination of the CPC’s Mass Line and Social Management Innovation: Case Study of Yindu Model

By Zhu Dandan (People's Daily Online)

17:16, July 11, 2012

Yindu, a municipal district in Anyang, Henan province, is so named as it was the first location of the ancient capital of Shang dynasty. Also, it enjoys the fame of "Yindu Model" for the masses in its jurisdiction. It has 50,000 people that has been called "ten types of important officials --ten types of important persons in charge of major issues affecting the mass people’s interest respectively" since 2009, and who have bring along 200,000 person participating in their activities in every corner each day to solve problems among this district.

Accordingly, it shows a new atmosphere of well management in Yindu after two years of testing. "Yindu Test" is to take the new way of urban management required by the time—self-management, self-service, and self development, based on the philosophy of "relying on the mass's participation" by decentralizing and returning back the power to the people.

"Ten" here refers to "many", covering each aspect of people's interests and aspirations. And "important officials" means there is no small matter of the interest of the masses. That, there have already been 18 types of important persons in Yindu, such as social problems investigator, social information collector, civil issues mediator, law and policy publicizer, public property protector, public affairs appraiser, party and government affairs supervisors, health assistant, social order maintainer, poverty reduction helper, family planning supervisor, and basic living allowances supervisor.

And they are granted rights of six kinds, namely the rights to know, to participate, to manage, to supervise, to speak and to suggest. Besides, the rights of election and recalling are under consideration. The masses, which are under organization, are building the "social management mansion" themselves. And the styles of sort management, information management, systematic management and team management are exercised by the "ten important officials" system. They are classified into four categories according to whether they are active to participate and take time, whether they have the ability and prestige, and that the best will be honored by political and economic incentives. Information management refers that the social information and public opinion will reflect by the social problem-solving and feedback mechanism through “Daily Feelings", thus the information database is to be established about them.

Systematic management contains quantitative target system, account management system, training system, work meeting system, assessment and incentive system, handing comments system, feedback system, supervising system, "four every" system—daily people condition, weekly processing, monthly queuing, and quarterly rewards and punishments, and so on. The team management is the establishment of the "ten types of important officials" Union and association in its community.

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