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New regulations a chance to build clean govt

(Global Times)

10:29, July 11, 2012

China's State Council recently issued new regulations on the affairs of government institutions, the most eye-catching of which the restriction on public spending, such as official receptions, trips and vehicles. Officials who violate the restrictions may be demoted or even fired.

Departments under the State Council, at its request last year, have publicized their public expenditures, sparking heated discussions among the public. The enforcement of these latest regulations will undoubtedly come under strict public supervision.

Among other items in government budgets, public spending often attracts the most attention. In the Weibo era, the public will attentively watch to see whether the State Council can stick to its promise. The implementation of the new regulations is facing unprecedented pressure.

Under such circumstances, the government will be forced to severely punish those who violate the regulations so as to ensure the dignity of the regulations and the reputation of the authorities.

We sincerely hope the regulations will be comprehensively implemented, and become a turning point in Chinese efforts to build a clean government.

This will boost confidence in the whole of society in combating corruption. Implementing the regulations will have a pivotal significance for China's future.

Effectively controlling public spending, with both government determination and social supervision, will be a big step in tackling corruption. And it will lead to more encouraging steps and smooth functioning of corruption-free government organizations.

All local officials should clearly recognize this, and no one should expect to be exempt. Violating the regulations will be disastrous for both individual political careers and the reputation of related government departments.

We hope the latest regulations will serve as an opportunity to foster the atmosphere of honoring austerity in Chinese officialdom. It should be a heartfelt honor for civil servants to have simple working meals, take ordinary official vehicles and make full, meaningful schedules for their official trips abroad.

In fact, austerity is the biggest luxury brand of officials. Wearing real luxury brands such as LV and Burberry can only result in speculation, and even ruin their political lives. Being strict with themselves in personal life brings not only a good reputation but also safety.

Enforcing the latest regulations is actually a battle to protect a reputation that the government cannot afford to lose. Whether it will be successful actually represents to what extent the government takes the initiative in conducting reforms and honestly treats public supervision.


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