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Donald Tsang: We’ve never wavered to protect core values of HK

(People's Daily Online)

14:39, June 26, 2012

Respect for freedom and rule by law; Hong Kong and Chinese mainland have reached a win-win result during the 15 years after the reunification. The “one country, two systems” policy endows Hong Kong a huge space for development.

On May 29, Donald Tsang was present at the Chief Executive’s Office in the HMS Tamar wearing a suit with his iconic bowtie. The purple and white bowtie looked quite festive. He is also called “Bow Tie Tsang” because of this dressing habit.

There are two points that impressed us most throughout the interview. First, he always stressed the close integration between Chinese mainland and Hong Kong and second, he said he trusts the Hong Kong people. The core values of Hong Kong people are referred to in almost every answer to each question.

He said what he has done is to safeguard the Hong Kong people’s core values about freedom and rule by law.

Hong Kong people often contrast with perfectness

Reporter: Hong Kong has been reunified for 15 years by now, and someone said that as to the "one country, two systems” the former is stressed more while the latter less. What’s your opinion?

Donald Tsang: We don’t compare our achievements with any other regions. Maybe those who have above views just express their opinions about Hong Kong from the perfectness point of view. There are also some people said the opposite.

To be honest, the Hong Kong people’s patriotic feelings and the recognition to the nation have deepened a lot during the 15 years. You can sense that from our enthusiastic support of the reconstruction project after the earthquake in Sichuan Province.

In the aspect of the “two systems,” our development in legal, political, and people’s livelihood and every aspect is full of Hong Kong chrematistics and in compliance with Deng Xiaoping’s concept of “one country, two systems.” Hong Kong’s system and way of life have never changed.

What we are doing is certainly not perfect, but we will improve all the time and make it better. But there is no doubt that the policy of “one country, two systems” has been successfully implemented in Hong Kong.

We enjoy a huge market as backed by Chinese mainland

Reporter: Can you conclude how much has Hong Kong benefited from such a policy with the closer cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland in economic, cultural and many other fields during the past 15 years?

Donald Tsang: We have won very many opportunities under this policy. For example, there are railways connecting Hong Kong and Guangdong in respect of infrastructure construction; and establishment of CEPA in respect of commerce; and an integrated development in trade respect as the country offers a liberalized merchandise trade and a preferential treatment to Hong Kong in service sector. I believe that we couldn‘t have achieved so much without the “one country, two systems” policy.

We are able to maintain Hong Kong’s growth potential because we can access to a huge market as backed by Chinese mainland. We face no financing difficulties even under the toughest circumstances; we have continued to offer domestic and foreign enterprises the opportunities to invest in Hong Kong and has enhanced Hong Kong’s act of role by this chance.

The “one country, two systems” policy is Hong Kong’s advantage as it brings us a larger space for development. On one hand, we can extend our expertise with the support of the country; on the other hand, we can also help mainland enterprises and entities to finance. So far, they have financed over 3 trillion yuan from Hong Kong. This is one of our contributions to the development of the Mainland for a win-win result.

In a way, Hong Kong remains its lifestyle as what it used to be. And Hong Kong is a place with freedom and rule by law.

Source: Beijing News


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