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Donald Tsang: A win-win situation has been reached

(People's Daily Online)

08:19, June 26, 2012

Donald Tsang, chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), recently said Hong Kong has very close exchanges with the Mainland. It means that a win-win pattern has been achieved.

Reporter: You just mentioned that another biggest gain at the 15th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong is that the sense of identity of Hong Kong people has been strengthened. For instance, some primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong begins to offer national conditions class, and many civil servants are willing to go to mainland universities to learn national conditions. How do you evaluate the strengthened sense of identity?

Donald Tsang: This is an important factor in maintaining Hong Kong’s stability. Once a country prospers, a civilized area will enter into a stable trajectory. Hong Kong, as part of China, should make sure to take such advantage. Young people must be aware of this.

We hope that not only the people of Hong Kong but also mainland compatriots should get to know Hong Kong. Last year, 40 million tourists, including 20 million from the Mainland, came to Hong Kong. This is the specific manifestation of our close exchanges with the Mainland. It means that a win-win pattern has been achieved.

Reporter: What do you think of the exchanges between Hong Kong and the Mainland in the software sectors, especially when values are involved? For instance, in the very early days, Shenzhen proposed that time is money and efficiency is life. It is adjacent to Hong Kong and knows better about Hong Kong’s pursuit of efficiency.

Donald Tsang: It is not only about efficiency. In regard of mutual impact in the software sector, we can continue to make effort which undoubtedly has already begun. Most importantly, we know that we had left motherland for more than a hundred years, so that there are a lot to learn from each other. I am confident in this respect.

Hong Kong people need to learn from the Mainland, and there are also many places you can learn from us. Hong Kong people need to cultivate patriotic feelings and the concept of homeland; in respect of urban management however, we can share with you. Learning from each other represents progress.

Source: Beijing News


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