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China vows to improve investigation system for death case of detainees


08:32, June 12, 2012

BEIJING, June 11 (Xinhua) -- China will improve the system of examination and investigation in case of the death of a detainee in prisons and detention houses, a government action plan released on Monday said.

The National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2012-2015) published by China's State Council Information Office (SCIO) said China will further strengthen supervision over criminal proceedings, punishment execution and supervision to guarantee the legal rights of detainees.

The action plan said China guarantees the human rights and humane treatment of the inmates and improves legal stipulations concerning the management of prisons.

The system of a bed for one inmate will be gradually adopted and medical care for prison inmates will be socialized so as to ensure an inmate to get timely treatment when ill, it said.

China prevents unnecessary detention. After a suspect or defendant is under custody, the related people's procuratorate should review the necessity of the detention, the action plan said.

Once it concludes the detention is not necessary, it should advise the organ that investigates the case to release the suspect or defendant, or change the compulsory measure adopted, it said.

It said China will strengthen supervision over the time limit of criminal detention. The People's procuratorates should conduct supervision over the organs of criminal investigation to strictly implement the system of detention change, the warning and notifying system when the time limit of detention is going to expire and the accountability system for overdue imprisonment.

Efforts will be made to prevent and settle cases involving prolonged detentions and urge the investigation organs to conclude cases that have long exceeded the time limit of detention, it said.

China will improve mechanisms to guarantee the rights of detainees. The systems of physical examination for detainees when they are taken into custody, regular body surface examinations for detainees and notification of the rights and obligations of the detainees and emergency alarming will be strictly implemented. it said.

So will the system of interrogation and remand of criminal suspects. The systems of detainees' security assessment, psychological intervention and investigation and handling of their complaints will be improved, the plan said.

China will also improve the system of inviting special supervisors to inspect the detention houses. Regulations regarding detainees' request to see the resident procurators, meetings between detainees and resident procurators and the establishment of procurator mailboxes will be improved to prevent and investigate violations of the rights of detainees, such as physical punishment, torture and insult by people working in the detention houses, the action plan said.


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