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China to amend law on work safety


08:10, June 05, 2012

BEIJING, June 4 (Xinhua) -- China on Monday issued a draft proposal on the amendment to the work safety law in order to solicit public opinion.

The draft, drawn up by China's State Administration of Work Safety and other related departments, has made further improvements on regulations, including strengthening supervision and carrying out work safety training activities.

The draft also specifies the system for checking and accepting work safety conditions in dangerous industries such as mining exploitation and the storage of dangerous goods.

An official with the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council (LAOSC) said the law on work safety, formulated in 2002, should be amended and improved in the face of safety problems arising from changed situation.

The law has played an important part in reinforcing work safety management, preventing and reducing accidents, and protecting people's lives and property, he said.

The amendment to the law on work safety will provide further, more effective legal protection in accordance with China's present status, he added.

The draft was published on the website of the LAOSC,, and public opinion can be submitted via through letter or email before July 5.


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