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Daring resolution needed to maintain stable development

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

11:02, June 02, 2012

Edited and translatey by People's Daily Online

The development and stability of China is in sharp contrast to the upheaval and seesaw battles of many of other countries. It is not difficult to find such common reasons as the accumulated problems, the lagging reform and the institutional rigidity. Therefore, China must not be complacent but should maintain a sense of urgency and firmly push the reform forward.

With more and more countries being eager to take the high-speed train of China’s economic development and expecting China to make more contributions to the adjustment of the international order, China’s development and stability is no longer just a thing of the Chinese people.

Without China's development and stability, the United States does not have the opportunity to enjoy cheap and fine products 'made in China'; the European countries that were trapped in seriously debt crisis cannot get much-needed support; many developing countries do not have money to improve their infrastructure construction and an important constructive force on solution of many global problems will be lost.

As a country with large population and weak economic foundation, China had made many efforts to maintain decades of development and stability, which is rare in the world history. China had met as many troubles as other countries. However, China did not slow down the pace of progress. China's development and stability were not gotten easily but by firmly pushing forward the reform and opening up and constantly solving a variety of acute and complex problems.

A foreign scholar had written in an article that the competitive advantage of China lies in its willingness to adapt to any necessary changes that can bring interests to itself. There is no any other country like China to carry out such a large-scale adjustment and adaptation and there also is no any other nation like China having such a dedication and ambition.

The daring and resolution of reform come from the country's historical status and responsibility. Thousands of years of history and culture had shaped the superpower complex and China must stand in the world as a great power and it is destined to become a strong nation. The invaluable strategic opportunity should be cherished, allowing no rooms for slightest hesitation and slackness.

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