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Chinese VP calls for successful harvest


08:24, June 01, 2012

HEFEI, May 31 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu has called for the harvest of summer grain crops to be guaranteed in order to ensure supply of farm produce and stabilize social and economic development.

China has allocated funds to popularize high-tech harvesting measures and to provide training to farmers, Hui said at ceremony to mark the annual launch of mechanized wheat harvesting in Shouxian county in Liu'an city, Anhui Province.

The vice premier encouraged efforts to ensure harvest of summer grain crops and planting autumn crops to help realize a bumper grain harvest for a ninth consecutive year.

More than 14 million sets of machinery have been allocated to the summer harvest nationwide.

China's field area of summer grain crops has reached 415 million mu (about 28 million hectares), up 1.98 million mu from last year. The output per mu is expected to increase 10 kg this year and the 11 main producing areas are all expected to increase their output.


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