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System to reduce child injuries in China

(China Daily)

16:22, May 30, 2012

BEIJING, May 30 (Xinhuanet) --The Ministry of Health will speed up the establishment of a nationwide monitoring system for child injuries, said a senior official on Tuesday.

The system will collect and release information including child deaths and disabilities due to traffic accidents, drowning, poisoning or other kinds of injuries, said Yan Jun, a division director of the ministry's disease prevention and control bureau.

Yan said that the ministry has run a pilot project in 127 hospitals across the country since 2005 that recorded patients' injuries.

The system will also be part of the ministry's measures to protect children from injuries, she added.

Yan made the remarks during a symposium on preventing and controlling injuries, which was held by the National Working Committee on Children and Women under the State Council, the United Nations Children's Fund and other governmental departments in Beijing on Tuesday.

Globally, about 875,000 people under the age of 18 die from injuries and some 50 million minors receive medical treatment due to injuries every year, according to statistics from the World Health Organization.

The WHO estimated that in China about 365,000 children under the age of 5 die annually, among which 10 percent die from injuries.

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