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President Hu stresses armed forces' loyalty to Party


08:00, May 24, 2012

Chinese President Hu Jintao (R, front), who is also chairman of the Central Military Commission, meets with delegates to a conference of Communist Party of China (CPC) members in the Beijing Military Area Command in Beijing, capital of China, May 23, 2012. Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping also attended the meeting. (Xinhua/Li Gang)

BEIJING, May 23 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao Wednesday urged the armed forces to constantly reinforce their loyalty and obedience to the Party.

When meeting with delegates to a conference of Communist Party of China (CPC) members in the Beijing Military Area Command, Hu said the armed forces should be equipped with the theories of the socialism with Chinese characteristics and Marxism and better implement the Scientific Outlook on Development.

The president also urged great efforts to develop the military culture and strengthen the will of officers and soldiers to serve the country and the spirit of being brave to fight for victory.

Efforts should be made to improve the capacity of systematic operations based on the information system, raise combat ability and emergency response and prepare the armed forces for defense and non-war military actions, said Hu, also chairman of the Central Military Commission.

Hu also called for improving the management of officers and soldiers so as to ensure the safety and stability of the army.

Hu said the Beijing Military Area Command is of strategic importance, and has a good record of implementing orders from the CPC Central Committee and fulfilling important tasks.

Vice President Xi Jinping also attended the meeting.


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