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China makes significant progress in political reforms

By Huang Qingchang (People's Daily)

08:20, May 16, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

China has been pushing forward political reforms in an active and steady manner since the Reform and Opening-up, especially since the Party’s 16th National Congress. Significant progress has been achieved in this regard.

The Chinese people now enjoy full democratic rights. The Constitution was amended in 2004 to include a guarantee that the country “respects and protects human rights.” The Electoral Law was amended in March 2010 to ensure that deputies to the National People’s Congress are elected based on the same population ratio in rural and urban areas. The country formed a socialist system of laws with Chinese characteristics by the end of 2010. These are all part of the country’s efforts to protect the people’s democratic rights. In December 2008, the Committee of Political and Legislative Affairs of the CPC Central Committee put forward 60 reform tasks in its “Opinions on Several Issues Concerning Deepening the Reform of the Judicial System and Working Mechanism,” of which, some major tasks have already been accomplished.

The grassroots self-government system is developing in a healthy way. The system was stressed as an important part of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the report to the Party’s 17th National Congress, and has seen steady improvement since then. The Organic Law of Village Committees was amended in 2010 to establish village affairs supervisory organs to ensure effective implementation of democratic elections, decision-making, management, and supervision.

The people are highly enthusiastic about orderly political participation. In order to encourage the public to participate in political affairs in an orderly way, China has gradually made government affairs open to the public to build a “sunshine government.” The country introduced the Regulations on the Disclosure of Government Information in 2008, and the people’s congresses at all levels have started enacting laws in an open and democratic manner.

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