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China approves dock project in S. China Sea

By Yao Chun (People's Daily Online)

17:19, April 26, 2012

The State Oceanic Administration of China approved a project that plans to build dock in the Xisha islands for comprehensive supply, the official website of the Administration said on Thursday.

The dock project, which occupies more than 3.3 square kilometers, will be funded by investment of a Chinese private firm. The dock will provide comprehensive supply for tourism and fishery industry in the South China Sea once it comes into use.

The dock project for comprehensive supply in the South China Sea is still under investigation.


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elee at 2012-04-26183.39.35.*
Excellent and practical approach to attach Chinese in all those islands currently left virtually vacant. This is a sure way to make full uses of those islands for humanitarian food supplies from fishery industries and partly for tourism purposes as well as beefing up solidly kind of defensing sea forts against would-be invaders or aggressors and intruders. This is the real Eastern Hawaii of China where even the Chinese presidents can relax and enjoy to undo work stresses!!

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