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China targets irregular staff recruitment, arbitrary charges


09:57, April 15, 2012

BEIJING, April 14 (Xinhua) -- China has vowed greater efforts to redress malpractice in staff recruitment by government entities and arbitrary charges imposed upon the supply chain by retail giants.

Ma Wen, supervision minister and head of the Office of Redressing Malpractices under the State Council, or the cabinet, made the remarks while announcing major tasks for rectifying irregularities involving government organs and commercial sectors this year, at a meeting Friday.

She called for further efforts in ensuring fair recruitment of employees by government agencies, public institutions and state-owned companies. They must use regular, transparent processes that are not tainted by under-the-table dealings and officials' dereliction of duty, according to the minister.

Ma also called for arbitrary charges that have long haunted the commercial, financial and education sectors to be seriously handled.

They include unauthorized fees collected by major retail chains from companies in their supply chain, by banks and telecoms service operators from their customers, and by schools from students, as well as irregular charges for logistics services.

In her sum-up of 2011's work, Ma revealed that more than 2,500 proposed ceremonies or conferences, or nearly 38 percent of a total of 6,700-plus such events that were planned with taxpayers' money, were canceled by authorities to prevent misuse of public funds last year.

Authorities also dolled out disciplinary penalties to 57 cadres for their roles in 11 forced demolitions that resulted in injuries and deaths of residents in 2011, with 31 of them transferred to judicial organs for further handling, according to Ma.

Some 2,800 cases of arbitrary charges, fines and apportionments that undermined farmers' legitimate interests were investigated and dealt with by authorities across the country last year. As a result, a total of 1,982 people were held accountable.

China also called to account 3,895 people for their role in food-safety-related issues and 3,680 others in drug safety cases. Furthermore, around 3,000 others were punished for misuse of health care funds, taking kickbacks, or imposing arbitrary charges in the area.


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