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China publishes names of six terrorists


09:34, April 06, 2012

The Chinese police have published a list of six terrorists, all of whom were core members of the terrorist group "East Turkistan Islamic Movement".(Photo Source: Ministry of Public Security)

BEIJING, April 6 (Xinhua) -- Chinese police have published a list of six terrorists and decided to freeze their funds and assets.

The six were all core members of the terrorist group "East Turkistan Islamic Movement," according to a statement issued Thursday by the Ministry of Public Security.

They have participated in the organization, planning and execution of terrorist acts against Chinese targets within and outside the country, the ministry said.

The ministry hoped that foreign governments and their law enforcing departments would help to arrest the six and hand them over to Chinese authorities.

The "East Turkistan Islamic Movement" is still conducting propaganda and instigation among members of the "three evil forces" of separatism, extremism and terrorism who live in China, and attempts to stage terrorist acts, according to the statement.

The group is the most direct and real safety threat that China faces, said a spokesman of the Ministry of Public Security.


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