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China probes 7 ministerial-level officials for corruption in 2011


16:49, March 11, 2012

BEIJING, March 11 (Xinhua) -- Seven ministeral-level officials were investigated for suspected embezzlement or bribery in China last year, according to nation's procurator-general on Sunday.

Prosecutors nationwide investigated a total of 2,524 officials above the county head-level, with 198 at the prefectural level and seven at the provincial or ministerial level, said Cao Jianming, China's procurator-general, while delivering a work report at the annual session of the National People's Congress.

The prosecutors took a hard line on civil servants who abuse their power for personal gains or take bribes, investigating 7,366 people in the administrative law enforcement and 2,395 in the judiciary system, said Cao.

He said efforts were intensified last year to crack down on crimes of offering bribes, prosecuting 4,217 bribers, a year-on-year increase of 6.2 percent.

International judicial cooperation was enhanced as well, he said, retrieving a total of 7.79 billion yuan of illicit assets and leading to the arrest of 1,631 fugitive suspects of work-related crimes.

Cao said greater emphasis was also put to the combination of punitive and preventive measures in 2011, with procuratorates at all levels launching extensive publicity campaigns to prevent work-related crimes.

He said this year the procuratorates will severely crack down on work-related crimes among officials, crimes seriously violating people's economic, personal and democratic rights, as well as cases involving construction projects, real-estate development, environment pollution and food safety.

In a separate report to the parliamentary session Sunday, China's chief justice Wang Shengjun said courts nationwide convicted 29,000 people for embezzlement, bribery and malfeasance last year, "further deepening the anti-corruption drive."


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peter at 2012-03-1259.161.166.*
Good transperency in the system that"s why you are openly telling these things.But be careful you are getting the bad also along with the good from out side.The people are getting more interest to live luxorious life and to give the same thing to the future generations of them.You have to make the people to fallow the right way by encouraging the social welfare things inside and out side the country and they should explain to them by making them realise how these things are effecting(ruining)the others life.They should tell them that corrupted money is with the ful of blood of poor people in the society.I will support the government execution of corrupted people because it will destroy the total system.
CK at 2012-03-12118.101.112.*
Bravo and keep it up China, in tracking down the most evil force that can distroy China if not checked. This is the result of the temptation and materialistic world that is being promoted by many media, and worst, use the "future money" first, an option which can easily breakdown the dignity of a person, and making him subject to courrupted practises. To fight this evil force the only weapon is "keep going on"

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