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China enacting rules on new residence permit to facilitate migration


09:49, March 11, 2012

BEIJING, March 10 (Xinhua) -- A draft regulation on new residence permit has taken shape, Chinese Vice Minister of Public Security Huang Ming said Saturday at the parliamentary session.

The ministry is soliciting public opinions on the draft rules and will submit a final version to the State Council for examination "as soon as possible," Huang said.

China is currently running a household registration system, or hukou. Every Chinese must be registered in a household and the household account is closely related to social security and public service.

People having household registration in different places enjoy varied social welfare policies. For example, those registered in rural households enjoy different policies from those in urban households.

Hukou has long been considered hindering people from migration, especially for migrant workers from rural areas. It prevents them from settling down in cities and enjoying the benefits of urban public services.

Several big cities have tried to adopt a new residence permit system to improve the household registration. A person can apply a residence permit in a city, where he or she is living but not registered in any local household, and thus can enjoy equal treatment from those registered.

So far there is no national regulations on the new residence permit.

In addition, Huang said that the police are building a national database on personal information of citizens so as to improve social management and service.


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Liang1a at 2012-03-1198.177.130.*
This is a good move. It will facilitate and speed up the urbanization of the farmers to make them more productive in the service and manufacturing sectors. But the government must also create more jobs that produce goods and services for the consumption of the domestic consumers. Only when 95% of all goods and services are consumed by the Chinese people will the Chinese economy reach full development. Exports and foreign trade cannot account for more than 5% of China's GDP if it reached some 300 trillion yuan and $100 trillion on 3 yuan per dollar. Anything less than this and the Chinese people will have inferior living standard than other developed countries.

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