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China warns Dalai Lama not to jeopardize Tibetan Buddhism, motherland unification


13:30, March 07, 2012

BEIJING, March 7 (Xinhua) -- The Dailai Lama clique's separatist activities are doomed to fail as the self-immolations in a small number of monasteries can not disrupt the stably-developing trend in the Tibetan-populated regions, said Li Changping, a member of the standing committee of the Sichuan Committee of the Communist Party of China Wednesday.

"The Dalai Lama clique have made more attempts to split China, a few monks and nuns in the Tibetan-populated regions echoed them at a distance. But these people can neither represent all Tibetans nor stop the stably-developing trend in these regions," said Li at a panel discussion of the Sichuan Delegation open to press during the ongoing legislative meeting.

A string of self-immolations broke out in Tibetan areas in the provinces of Sichuan and Qinghai bordering Tibet in recent months. And at least two mob attacks on police offices were reported in Sichuan's volatile Tibetan areas in late January, leaving at least two people dead and more than a dozen injured. China has blamed the Dalai Lama cligue for instigating these activities.

Li said that Dailai Lama was the hatchet man of anti-China forces in the world, the ringleader of the conspiracy of "Free Tibet", the ultimate agitator of the chaos of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism and the utmost impediment to the normal development of Tibetan Buddhism.

"Our combat with the Dalai Lama clique is not on the ethical or religious fronts but a serious political struggle," said he.

"Unity and stability bring blessings while separation and turmoils result misfortune. Tibetan people are firm and resolute in their combat with the Dalai Lama clique and have successfully made one after another tough, preemptive and political contests with the separatist forces. " said Li.

"The hearts of Tibetan people are always favoring Beijing and the Communist Party of China. The separatist activities of Dalai Lama clique are doomed to fail," said he.


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asian at 2012-03-0874.101.24.*
first china must dalai-lama clique money supplies which is from the jews community.jews is only group that are strongly support and finance DL,jews alway had been the silent enemy of china.
PD User at 2012-03-0874.101.24.*
first china must dalai-lama clique money supplies which is from the jews community.jews is only group that are strongly support and finance DL,jews alway had been the silent enemy of china.
HuaQiao at 2012-03-0824.118.176.*
Copy Israel technique used on Iran nuke scientists would solve the issue.
PD User at 2012-03-07221.127.43.*
Five acts are strictly forbidden in Buddhism: Killing or taking of life; stealing; telling lies; Licentious life style; drinking of alcohol. Leading the list is the forbidding of killing or the act of taking life. Suicide is obviously the taking of life - even if it is a life that belongs to the person committing suicide. Followers of Buddhist doctrine believe in the concept of cause and effect, called Karma in Buddhist phraseology. In the context of taking life, Karma says that if a A takes the life of B, then in the context of Karma, B would equalize in the next reincarnation and in return take the life of A by virtue of the law of cause and effect or Karma. That completes the cycle of Karma. Now if A were to commit suicide and take the life of A him/her self, then the cycle of cause and effect would logically come to a dead end (there being only party A pitting against him/her self), much like the dead end loop in a computer programme, which as is known to anyone who plays around with PCs, has no way of coming out of the loop. In other words, the person who commits suicide ends up in a state of eternal limbo with no way of reincarnating and re-entering the cycle of life which provides him/her self the opportunity of ultimately achieving Nirvana, which is the ultimate goal of all Buddhists. Therefore, a person who claims to be of Buddhistic faith, but nevertheless condones or encourages suicide, is in fact Mara the devil in disguise, out to misguide people on to the path of eternal damnation and out to destroy the Buddhist faith. Is it not clear who this devil is? Yes, that fake monk who flies first class around the world, patronizing 5-star hotels, and wearing Gucci shoes, and financed by the CIA.
Rahul at 2012-03-0759.161.166.*
This Dalai lama ruin the Buddha"s name by encouraging the people for self immolation.They are saying that they are Buddha fallowers but they are not fallowing the Buddha"s path(Buddha strongly opposes the suicides because he feel that life is very valuable if you don"t need that you can make it useful for others who needs the help).Buddha left his family and royal life to make the people to fallow in right path.In the world lot of people are suffering due to lack of food and cheated by the remaining world.If they are really think they are fallowing Buddhas path.They will go and help those people by leaving luxorious life.And Buddha never said pray to me always it will gives you peace.If he really said like that there is no need for him to sacrifice this many things and wander around the world(because he can pray at home also no need of wandering around the world) as monk.He said people should not have any weakness(money,luxorious things),they should not expect things which are really not belongs to them.He sacrifices his life because he felt that working for others gives more satisfaction.

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