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Rules issued to curb nepotism among China's civil servants


09:53, February 24, 2012

BEIJING, Feb. 23 (Xinhua) -- China has issued regulations to limit public servants' association with their spouses and relatives at work, a move hoped to curb corruption and interferences with their duties.

Civil servants and their spouses, relatives within three generations or relatives-in-law can not hold two posts which report to the same director, nor should they have the director-subordinate work relationship, according to the regulations.

In terms of geographical limitations, the regulations say that civil servants may not serve as heads of prefecture-level Communist Party of China (CPC) committees or governments in their hometowns.

Civil servants are also not allowed to assume top posts in prefecture-level discipline inspection commissions, procuratorates, courts or police departments in their hometowns, according to the regulations.

Civil servants are also asked to avoid situations such as recruitment, promotion or demotion of staff, taxation and approval for going abroad, that involve their relatives.

Those who do not abide by the regulations could be removed from office, according to the regulations jointly issued by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

If two civil servants marry or form a new relationship that "should be avoided," their posts will be adjusted, according to the regulations.


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elee at 2012-02-25183.39.28.*
Very good start in the combat of nepotism correlating and courting corruptions; but make sure that officials are supervised by independent Special Investigative Bureau that such regulations are supported and implemented as required.
See at 2012-02-2460.50.0.*
Public servants should have a balance between non party and party members and party members should not use party as the scapegoat at the place of work
helen at 2012-02-24175.142.202.*
Nepotism is an universal tradition undermining competition and denying others accessibility. Of course this must be curbed but many people are afraid to speak up.In Singapore where corruption and nepotism are relatively lower than many countries, we still see nepotism whereby Ho Ching - the wife of the current Prime Minister of Singapore being appointed to oversee Singapore"s Temasek and she is still there despite many reservations from Singaporeans. And the Prime Minister threatened legal suit to frighten anyone bringing up the subject!

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