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Mainland willing to settle cross-Straits disputes


16:35, February 15, 2012

BEIJING - The Chinese mainland is willing to face the future and create conditions for the final settlement of disputes across the Taiwan Straits, a spokeswoman said here Wednesday.

Putting aside differences and seeking common ground have proven effective in terms of difficult political issues, spokeswoman Fan Liqing of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office said at a press conference.

"However, we can not shelve political and military disputes between the two sides of the Straits forever. We are going to face them one day," she said.

The mainland is willing to talk about any political and military issues and, if the talks can not be opened because of problems from Taiwan, both sides should cherish and maintain a favorable environment together, she said.

Moreover, the two sides of the Straits should continue boosting economic cooperation and improving cultural exchanges while building up common understanding and creating conditions to resolve difficult issues, she said.


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PD User at 2012-02-23124.82.102.*
Taiwan and US can do and shout what them wanted, history will prove that no way Taiwan cen get out of China"s "five fingered moutain". Not trying to be offensive or naive, the whole world Chinese knows and Taiwanese also knows that US is backing Taiwan because it can split Taiwan and China, well jsut a crack but that will do for a start. Taiwanese will never dream that China will become an economic giant as she is today, so the fast brain Taiwanese would abandan US and fall back to China for econimic gain, the question of unifcation, hem.... have to wait for quite a while because the allignment of between China and Taiwan system need time to build up confidence. Untill such day Taiwan reducing her spending on weapons and military arming upgrade, then China will 100% allow Taiwan to be like HongnKong and other special selfrule privince. The unification between the two sides have had the bondage since the first Chinese landed in Taiwan say 2000 years ago? " Wo Si Jung Koa Ren" say it all, no doulbt about the unification among the ordinary people, its only political unification that requiers trust and time to achieve, but its" coming.
PD User at 2012-02-22221.127.44.*
By observing the behavior of Chinese speaking tourists on overseas trips, one can tell with 99% accuracy where these tourists originate. The better behaved ones usually come from Taiwan and Hong Kong, while the loud and noisy lots who often leave the public toilets messed up inevitably come from... well, you know where. Without sounding offensive, what I am trying to say, is that while the Mainland has done well economically, the authorities have overlooked the importance of moral/civic education of the people. In this regard, it has definitely fallen short of the authorities in Taiwan. Under such circumstances, it is little wonder why doubting Thomases continue to exist on the Island. Moral of the story: for eventual unification to be realized, apart from economic achievements, as evidenced on the mainland, it is equally important for moral and civic education to be looked into seriously by the authorities.
John at 2012-02-16113.231.242.*
EMILY- great idea, carpet bomb Taiwan. You could even use Napalm to make it especially gruesome. With a little luck you could start world war III and face the U.S. 10,000 nukes. Let the games begin
EMILY IN DC at 2012-02-16198.89.66.*
China must preparing for the worst, US government had secretly export Offensive Weapon systems to Taiwan for more the 15 Years. It is essential for PLA navy and air force to development it"s fully range capabilities including blockade and carpet bombing on Taiwan if US intervene.
lisa at 2012-02-15110.72.22.*
silence is not the way to solve the disputes betwween The Chinese mainland and the Straits .let"s face them.

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