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China moves to encourage agricultural technology innovation


08:04, February 02, 2012

BEIJING, Feb. 1 (Xinhua) -- China is keen to accelerate technology innovation and scientific research in agriculture, a move to boost the country's modern agricultural development, a central government statement said Wednesday.

China will intensify efforts to encourage development of both frontier agricultural technologies and basic research, so as to maintain sustainable agricultural growth, said the document issued jointly by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, China's cabinet.

The move mainly aims to ensure the country's food security and meet the demand of agricultural development, so as to improve land yield, resource efficiency and labor productivity, said the document.

The government will give support to agricultural research focusing on bio-safety, farm product safety, effective use of farmland, ecological restoration and genetic regulation.

The government also is eyeing major achievements in the development of agricultural bio-technology, seed production, new materials, precision farming, water-saving irrigation, new fertilizers, epidemic control, marine agriculture, product processing and shipping, and farm equipment.

Particular emphasis will be given to scientific innovation in seed production, it said.

China will support the cultivation of new varieties of seeds and promote commercialization of the industry by encouraging large enterprises to enter the seed market through mergers and acquisitions, as well as equity participation, said the document.

The country will work to establish an innovation system that allows researchers from all agricultural sectors to join scientific efforts, and an evaluation system that values practical solutions.

Government authorities will introduce favorable policies, like tax reductions, to encourage agricultural enterprises to focus more on scientific innovation and bring "new research achievements" to the market, said the document.

The government also promised to increase financial support for agricultural research, while attracting loans and venture capital to enterprises that innovate agricultural technology.

With more labs to be built, more efforts will be made to conduct major scientific projects that are related to agricultural development and of public benefit, and the cultivation of new varieties of genetically-modified organisms will be continued, it said.

Local authorities should further promote agricultural technologies and offer farming guidance to grassroot farmers while enhancing meteorological services. Schools and research institutions will also be important forces for the promotion, said the document.


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Richard at 2012-02-0660.49.122.*
During Chairman Mao"s time, Yuan Longping helped China to produce the world"s highest yielding rice. China was also the first in the world to clone fish. China must ensure the protection of its agricultural technology and not allow foreign nations to steal them (the Chinese who cloned the fish was enticed by an American university and he"s today teaching in America). China must make more effort to protect other industrial technologies as well. The West would not share their secrets, so China must be careful not to reveal its own as well.
helen at 2012-02-02203.82.92.*
Don"t stop at the "miracle rice" innovation. China self sufficiency is imperative. More money and experts be poured into the Agricultural sectors.Have complete faith in Chinese scientists - they are a capable lot and have contributed tremendously to China and the Chinese people.In all matters, one has to be self reliant in view of obstacles and hurdles placed in its path by foreign powers.

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