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Government 'must utilize blogs better' (3)

By Zhao Yinan and Wang Huazhong (China Daily)

08:17, January 19, 2012

Internet supervision

With the growing popularity of micro blogs, Wang said regulations, such as registration, are needed to ensure the "rapid and healthy growth of the Internet".

A policy was introduced in Beijing last month requiring the names of micro bloggers to be registered. This was later extended to other major cities, including Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Wang said the policy now only requires that new micro blog users register "backstage" with their real name. This means that website administrators will see their names instead of Net users.

"The micro blog has changed the way we exchange information," but irrational, negative and harmful opinions can also be expressed, he said.

"Pornography, fraud and rumors" can be found on the Net and this can harm society, he said.

China established the State Internet Information Office in May last year to oversee cyberspace. The office, headed by Wang, aims to coordinate and supervise online content as well as investigate and punish websites violating laws and regulations.

Zhang Yan contributed to this story.

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