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White papers light up bright future for China

(China Daily)

09:49, January 06, 2012

BEIJING - White papers have played a more important role in introducing China to the world, with more white papers published by the government in 2011 than any other year, according to a statement from the State Council Information Office on Wednesday.

"The white papers issued by the government have served as an important channel through which the international community and the public can know about the national conditions, values, development path, and internal and foreign policies of China," said Wang Chen, minister of the State Council Information Office.

A collection of China's nine white papers issued in 2011 has been published in Chinese and English, according to a statement issued by the office on Tuesday.

The nine white papers cover subjects like national defense, law, climate change and international trade, which helped to present a true, progressing China, the statement said.

Since 1991, when China issued a white paper on China's human rights, the country has published 78 white papers. These papers gave an objective and precise illustration of China's policies and principles in major issues, introduced China's progress in economy, politics, culture and ecological civilization, and helped the world know more about, and understand China, the statement said.

The white papers have also gained wide attention from overseas media.

"China's government has released a policy document that lays out its vision for the country's future," said the BBC when reporting on the release of a white paper on China's peaceful development on Sept 6, 2011. The white paper shows that China "wants to be a rich, strong nation at peace with other countries", the BBC report said.


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