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HK is 'a remarkable achievement'

(China Daily)

10:24, November 23, 2011

Chief Executive Donald Tsang talks to a China Daily reporter on Tuesday. Hong Kong's success has been recognized by the world, he said.(China Daily/Edmond Tang)

HONG KONG - The concept of "One Country, Two Systems" has succeeded remarkably well, exceeding all expectations for Hong Kong, Chief Executive Donald Tsang told China Daily in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

"For someone like me, who served in government before and after 1997, it is a remarkable achievement, recognized by the rest of the world," Tsang said as he reflected on the city's progress since the 1997 handover.

"Many people, including myself, expressed concern whether this policy, introduced by late leader Deng Xiaoping, would work in Hong Kong," he said.

"It turns out to be a triple-win situation for Hong Kong, the country and the rest of the world. Hong Kong people have won, the country has won and the rest of the world has also won."

Tsang is entering the final months of his term as Hong Kong approaches the 15th anniversary of reunification on July 1, 2012. By that date Tsang will have completed his second term as chief executive.

Hong Kong has advanced noticeably on the political, economic and social fronts in recent years, he observed.

The electoral processes are far more democratic than before 1997, he said. More significantly, the National People's Congress has agreed on a timetable for universal suffrage for chief executive elections in 2017 and for the Legislative Council in 2020.

"Things are moving on quite nicely, but of course they may not meet everybody's expectations," Tsang said. "If you look at it objectively, even the most critical commentators overseas have seen the advances we have made on the political front."

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