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China seeks to attain balance of development, food safety in new economic zone: NDRC


11:06, November 12, 2011

BEIJING, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- China is seeking to strike a balance between urbanization, industrialization and food safety in the newly launched economic zone, the country's top economic planner said Friday.

The Central China Economic Zone, centered in the province of Henan and radiating to its adjacent areas, is a test field for balanced development of industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization without hurting food safety and environment, Du Ying, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said at a press conference.

The key is to secure food safety, a top priority for China as the most populous developing country, Du said.

Many parts in the country have been stuck in two sorts of dilemmas. Some regions with burgeoning economic growth, are seeing shrinking grain production. Other parts, though are still substantial grain producers and have been developing too slow, he added.

"Both situations are not what we expect to see. The country has entered a crucial stage of accelerating industrialization and urbanization, while uncertainties shroud food safety. Under this circumstance, how to achieve a balanced development in key agricultural provinces such as Henan will determine the outcome of China's modernization progress," Du said.

The central government will implement measures to ensure food safety in the economic zone by increasing fiscal transfer payments to Henan, strengthening financial support to farmers, facilitating agricultural infrastructure construction and boosting closer ties between grain producers and consumers, he said.

On October 7, the State Council, or Cabinet, issued a guideline on building Henan, which lies in the middle of the country, into a Central China Economic Zone.

The most populated province in the country produces 10 percent of China's grain, with wheat output accounting for a quarter of the country's total.

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