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Anti-graft chief stresses discipline inspection for advancing clean gov't construction in China


08:35, October 26, 2011

BEIJING, Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- He Guoqiang, head of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, on Tuesday urged greater inspection and supervision efforts for advancing the country's clean government construction.

He made the remarks while meeting the member speakers of a lecture on exemplary deeds by cadres from the country's discipline inspection and supervision authorities.

Praising the model cadres for their contributions to China's anti-corruption campaign and construction of a clean government, He urged other staff in discipline inspection and supervision systems to follow their lead.

Furthermore, He stressed comprehensive efforts to seek both temporary and permanent solutions for corruption among officials and to promote a clean government, in a bid to foster the country's economic and social development.


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Canada at 2011-10-2670.36.49.*
Yes, from bottom to top, it can’t be tolerated. False allegations to get rid of political enemies also can’t be tolerated, and a fair trial based on facts and evidence is mandatory. A surprise visit should test the accuracy of Nestle’s scales. Here, it was found some gas stations aren’t pumping accurate quantities to vehicles. In construction, the concrete itself should be tested. Construction companies have been known to substitute a lower strength pounds per square inch [psi] than the design. The construction company places the order with the company supplying the concrete for the proper psi strength, but verbally tells the concrete company to substitute a lower strength psi. The concrete company bills the construction company for the design strength psi, but then issues a credit note to the construction company for the difference in cost between the design strength psi and the lower strength psi that was actually delivered.
lisheng at 2011-10-26111.126.4.*
it's good, but too later!

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