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China's senior legislators meet to read draft laws, amendments


13:56, October 25, 2011

BEIJING, Oct. 24 (Xinhua) -- China's top legislature, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), opened its bimonthly session Monday to read draft laws and amendments concerning civil procedure, military service and other areas.

According to a report on the results of a review of a draft amendment to the Military Service Law, the draft amendment perfects the resettlement system for demobilized servicemen, stating that they will get preferential treatment when they register for the civil servants examination.

Licensing authorities for construction projects will be given criminal sanctions if their actions violate the law, says the draft amendment to the Law on Occupational Illness Prevention and Control, which was submitted to the NPC Standing Committee for its second reading at Monday's session.

Legislators also reviewed, for the first time, a draft amendment to the Civil Procedure Law, which allows the government and non-governmental organizations to represent the public to file lawsuits concerning violations of public interests.

Wang Shengming, deputy head of the Legislative Affairs Commission of the NPC Standing Committee, said at the session that the present law made in 1991 cannot "adapt to reality" after two decades of economic expansion. The draft amendment will perfect the law by ensuring the rights of litigants, enhancing legal supervision and perfecting implementation procedures.

Health Minister Chen Zhu briefed a draft of the Mental Health Law for legislators attending the session, saying that the major concern in the draft law is to ensure the legal rights of people with mental illnesses.

Presided over by Wu Bangguo, chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, the six-day session is the 23rd of its kind for the 11th NPC Standing Committee.

Legislators also reviewed a draft amendment to the Resident Identity Card Law, which was introduced by Vice Minister of Public Security Yang Huanning, who was entrusted by the State Council, or China's cabinet.

Yang said that the draft amendment proposes adding fingerprints to residents' identity cards to prevent counterfeiting and terrorism.

A review of a draft amendment to the Law on Clean-Production Promotion will also be conducted. Wang Guangtao, head of the Environment Protection and Resources Conservation Committee of the NPC, said that the draft amendment proposes creating a special central government budget for clean production.

Legislators also reviewed a bill on strengthening anti-terrorism efforts. The bill proposed that the funds and assets of terrorist groups and individuals will be frozen after their names are published by public security authorities.

Legislators also discussed a report on the implementation of the Labor Contract Law, as well as several appointments and removals.


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