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China to recheck closure of government liaison offices in Beijing


10:02, October 08, 2011

BEIJING, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- China is set to begin a strict spot-check campaign to prevent local government liaison offices in Beijing that have been shut down from reopening or relocating.

The move is aimed at consolidating the country's anti-corruption efforts and eliminating local government offices in the capital, many of which have been criticized for allegedly bribing central government officials and wasting public funds, according to a press release from the Government Offices Administration of the State Council.

A total of 625 of the 971 offices have been shut down as of last November. Two hundred and ninety-six offices representing major cities, as well as 50 offices representing China's provinces and special economic zones, have remained open.

The administration will strengthen its supervision of the office closures, adding that local governments should establish a self-auditing mechanism to prevent the reopening of the offices, according to the press release.

The administration has urged the remaining offices to improve their operations and offer high-quality services in order to boost the economic and social development of their localities.


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