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Mainland condemns Taiwan remarks on 'military threat'

(Global Times)

09:27, September 29, 2011

Mainland authorities said on Wednesday that remarks made by a Taiwan leader sensationalized the so-called military threat posed by the mainland.

Fan Liqing, the spokeswoman of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said at a press conference on Wednesday that the cross-Straits relationship has seen great improvement in recent years and has become stable.

"Under these circumstances, it is very difficult to understand why there are people in Taiwan who still continue to sensationalize the so-called military threat posed by the mainland and instigate hostility," she said.

Fan was responding to comments made by Andrew Yang, a Taiwan leader, who said on September 19 at the US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference in Virginia in the US that Taiwan is currently developing "asymmetrical strategies" to deal with the growing military imbalance across the Taiwan Straits.


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Sam Teng at 2011-09-29175.136.50.*
The mainland authorities and Taiwan leaders must be fully aware that there are some elements within Taiwan who are not in favor of the warming of relations between China & Taiwan. These people with reasons best known to them will continue to create issues and problems for China/Taiwan relationship. It is of utmost importance for the Taiwanese to decide whether they want a warm relationship with mainland for better peace and prosperity or to depend on the age old defense treaty with the US to irritate and ridicule China. In fact if China do really want to take over Taiwan by force, do you think the additional fighter planes it purchased will help? Think again. The US will only be your ally if they can benefit from the relationship. Look at US's role in Afghanistan. The US were fighting against the Mujahideen at first; then sided with the Mujahideen to fight with the Russians because the Russians are their common enemy. When the Russians left Afghanistan, the US again started the war against the Talibans (made up of Mujahideens, etc). What is Taiwan to US as compared to China? After all selling the fighters jets to Taiwan now means more income for the US. Think again, Taiwan and do not be so easily manipulated.

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