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China: Diaoyu Island research under sovereignty


10:16, September 28, 2011

BEIJING - China said on Tuesday that it is an exercise of its legitimate sovereignty for relevant Chinese ships to conduct normal marine research in the waters near Diaoyu Island.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei made the remarks at a daily press briefing when asked to comment on China's recent scientific survey activity in the waters near Diaoyu Island.

"Diaoyu Island and its adjacent islands have been Chinese territory since ancient time, and China has indisputable sovereignty over them," Hong added.


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PD User at 2011-09-2971.255.80.*
Taiwan did not forego Diaoyudao as Taiwanese had sent numerous marine expeditions to the island with tacit approval from ROC government. Taiwan is also one of the claimants to Spratleys and Paracels. Taiwan has possessions to a couple of islands in the Spratleys. Vietnam occupied about 26 islands in Paracels.
wende at 2011-09-2971.255.80.*
China needs to present the relevant documents to claims sovereignty over South China Sea and Diaoiyudao so that China will have pronounced to the whole world that China is morally and legally right should conflicts flare up in those areas.
Overseas chinese at 2011-09-28220.255.2.*
Just wondering, what is Taiwan’s official position on Diaoyu and Spratley islands, since they are the one of the chief claimants and in fact the inheritor of the islands from then ROC government in China? The Taiwanese have been acting exceptional quiet on the whole episode, while China is the only one representing the whole Chinese nationalities in standing up to the foreign occupations on the two islands chains. Seems Taiwan are abandoning the sovereignty of Diaoyu and Spratly islands just as the late KMT Generalissimo Chiang Kai Sek did in his policy of abandoning the three North East China provinces to the japs in the Sino-jap war conflict without firing a shot. These islands are passed down by the Chinese ancestors through generations and if they could steadfastly in upholding the sovereignty of the Diaoyu and Spratley islands in the past, today, there wouldn’t be any disputes at all. Instead of cooperation with Chinese mainland to reclaim the islands for the Chinese nationalities, these disgraceful and spineless Taiwanese are in cahoots with the japan, india and US to contain China’s rise. In the eyes of the whites and the japs, the Taiwanese Chinese, HK Chinese, Macau Chinese and the Mainland Chinese are all from the same nationality tree, stop be used as a ragdoll by the western powers and the japs to undermine against your own nationality. Blood is thicker than water!

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