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Full text of speech by Premier Wen Jiabao at Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2011 (3)


10:48, September 15, 2011

-- China will continue to save resources and protect the environment, follow the path of green, low-carbon and sustainable development, use resources in a more efficient way, and develop stronger capacity for tackling climate change. To conserve resources and protect the environment is crucial to achieving sustainable development, and this is one of China's basic state policies. We will speed up the building of an industrial structure, a mode of production and a model of consumption that are conducive to resource conservation and environmental protection, and promote harmony between man and nature. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, we will raise the share of non-fossil energy in primary energy consumption to 11.4 percent, reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission per unit of GDP by 16 percent and 17 percent respectively, and cut total discharge of major pollutants by 8-10 percent. We will improve laws, regulations and standards, strengthen performance-based accountability, overhaul the pricing mechanism for energy and resources and increase fiscal, taxation, financial and other policy incentives. We will promote circular economy, develop low-carbon industrial, construction and transportation systems, promote energy, water, land and material conservation and integrated resource utilization, preserve and repair the eco-system, increase forest carbon sink, and build stronger capacity for tackling climate change.

-- China will put people's interests first, pay more attention to ensuring and improving people's well-being and pursue common prosperity. Everything we do is to enable all the people to have better lives, and this is the criterion to measure the performance of all of our work. Our goal is to bring the benefit of development to all, ensure and improve people's well-being, and advance social progress in all respects. We will give priority to job creation in promoting economic and social development and create equitable job opportunities for all. We will adjust income distribution, ensure that personal income grows in step with economic growth and that labor remuneration grows in step with increase of productivity. We will gradually raise the share of personal income in national income distribution and the share of labor remuneration in primary distribution. We expect that per capita urban disposable income and per capita rural net income will both grow by more than 7 percent annually. We will put in place systems providing basic old age care and basic medical and health care for the whole urban and rural population, and extend the coverage of government-subsidized housing to 20 percent of the urban population.

-- China will continue to deepen reform and opening up and resolutely remove institutional hurdles to increase the momentum of pursuing sustainable development. China owes its rapid development in the past 30 years and more to reform and opening up, and this will be equally true for its future development and progress. We will continue to advance both economic and political structural reform to create strong impetus for economic and social development. We will uphold and improve the basic economic system, speed up fiscal, taxation and financial reform, reform of prices of factors of production, reform of monopoly sectors and other important fields, and strive to make major progress in these reforms. We will exercise governance pursuant to law and address the institutional causes for over concentration of power and lack of checks on it. We will protect people's democratic rights and their lawful rights and interests so as to uphold fairness and justice.

China cannot develop itself in isolation from the world and the world also needs China for its development. Here, I wish to reiterate that China's opening up to the outside world is a long-term commitment which covers all fields and is mutually beneficial. China's basic state policy of opening up will never change. We will continue to get actively involved in economic globalization and work to build a fair and equitable international trading regime and financial system. We will continue to improve foreign-related economic laws, regulations and policies so as to make China's investment environment in keeping with international standard, transparent and more business friendly.

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