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Spokesman: China actively supports, participates in anti-terrorism efforts


10:57, September 10, 2011

BEIJING, Sept. 9 (Xinhua) -- China has made great contributions to the international struggle against terrorism by actively supporting and participating in anti-terrorism efforts, Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said on Friday.

Liu said during a regular press conference that China is ready to join hands with relevant parties to push for new progress in international anti-terrorism efforts and maintain regional and world peace, stability and security.

In response to a question about China's opinion on the impact of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, Liu said the incident has had a profound influence on global politics, economics and security.

He said the incident highlighted the serious challenges that non-conventional security threats have imposed on world peace and stability.

Liu said the international community has collaborated to address the threat of terrorism and has made active progress in the area since the 2001 attacks.

Liu said the international fight against terrorism is still in a precarious state, as the conditions that spawn terrorists have yet to be eliminated.

"This requires the adoption of political, economic,cultural and other means to uproot the causes of terrorism," Liu said.

He said the international community should attach even greater importance to eliminating poverty and promoting dialogues between different cultures in order to eliminate the root causes of terrorism.


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JzMUGbTd at 2011-10-03193.200.112.*
What a great reosruce this text is.
helen at 2011-09-10141.0.9.*
China, SCO and many sovereign nations are actively countering global terrorism exemplified by US Global Tyranny. That is the real threat to world peace and territorial integrity of all sovereign nations.US and "Al Queda" global terrorism are the twin evils of the world today and both must be dismantled, demolished and consigned to dustbins of history.

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