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China to boost overseas investment and international cooperation: white paper


16:04, September 06, 2011

BEIJING, Sept. 6 (Xinhua) -- China will attach greater importance to overseas investment and international cooperation, says a white paper titled "China's Peaceful Development" issued on Tuesday.

China encourages companies of all types to make overseas investment and engage in joint operations in an orderly way, make R&D-related investment and undertake overseas project contracting and provide labor services, says the white paper.

"In addition, we will expand international cooperation in agriculture and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries in the development of energy and other resources," according to the white paper.

In the document, China says its companies will undertake more cooperation projects in host countries that improve life of the local people and enhance the ability for self-development of the host countries.

"The Chinese companies are requested to respect local religions and customs, observe local laws, undertake due social responsibilities and obligations, and promote the development of the host countries," says the white paper issued by the information office of the State Council, or China's cabinet.

The 13,000-word white paper introduces the path, objective and foreign policy of the peaceful development and elaborated on what China's peaceful development means to the rest of the world.

It says that China will unswervingly follow the path of peaceful development.

"Peaceful development is a strategic choice made by China to realize modernization, make itself strong and prosperous, and make more contribution to the progress of human civilization," according to the white paper.

China's overall goal of pursuing peaceful development is to promote development and harmony domestically and pursue cooperation and peace internationally. To build a society of higher-level initial prosperity in an all-round way which benefits over one billion Chinese people is the medium- and long-term goal of China's pursuit of peaceful development. To implement the Twelfth Five-Year Plan of development is the near and medium-term goal of China's pursuit of peaceful development.

To reach these goals, China will implement the opening-up strategy of mutual benefit, including continuing to pursue the basic state policy of opening up to the outside world and the opening-up strategy of mutual benefit, speeding up the way of conducting foreign trade, making better use of foreign investment, attaching greater importance to overseas investment and international cooperation, and continuing to open China's financial market and financial sectors in an orderly way, it says.

According to the white paper, to reach these goals of peaceful development, China will accelerate the shifting of the model of growth, further exploit China's domestic resources and its market strengths, accelerate the building of a harmonious society and create a peaceful international environment and favorable external conditions, it adds.


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