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China will never allow external interference, says white paper


15:57, September 06, 2011

BEIJING, Sept. 6 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese people adhere to the social system and path of development chosen by themselves and will never allow any external forces to interfere in China' s internal affairs, said a white paper issued Tuesday.

"China promotes friendly and cooperative relations with all the other countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence," said the white paper titled as "China's Peaceful Development".

China does not form alliance with any other country or group of countries, nor does it use social system or ideology as a yardstick to determine what kind of relations it should have with other countries, said the white paper.

"China respects the right of the people of other countries to independently choose their own social system and path of development, and does not interfere in other countries' internal affairs," it said.

China is opposed to the practices of "the big bullying the small and the strong oppressing the weak," and to hegemonism and power politics, it said.

China calls for settling disputes and conflicts through talks and consultation and by seeking common ground while putting aside differences, said the white paper.

"It does not impose its own will upon others and acts in the fundamental interests of the Chinese people and the common interests of all peoples throughout the world," it said, adding that China bases its decision on a particular issue according to its merits.

"Upholding justice, China plays an active and constructive role in international affairs," it said.

The white paper underlined that China is firm in upholding its core interests which include the following: state sovereignty, national security, territorial integrity and national reunification, China's political system established by the Constitution and overall social stability, and the basic safeguards for ensuring sustainable economic and social development.

"China fully respects other countries' legitimate rights to protect their interests," it said.

While developing itself, China fully accommodates other countries' legitimate concerns and interests and "never makes gains at others' expense or shifts its own troubles onto others," it said.

The white paper said that China aligns its own interests with the common interests of the people of the world and seeks to expand common interests of all the parties.

"China works to establish and expand community of common interests in various fields and at various levels with other countries and regions," it said, adding that China is committed to promoting the common interests of all humanity and bringing the benefit of human civilization to everyone.


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