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Vice Premier Li tours Hong Kong to learn about youth employment


09:41, August 18, 2011

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang (2nd R, Front) visits Hong Kong Vocational Training Council in Hong Kong, south China, Aug. 17, 2011. (Xinhua/Ma Zhancheng)

HONG KONG, Aug. 17 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang, on a three-day inspection tour to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, visited two member institutions of Hong Kong's Vocational Training Council to learn more about training and employment among Hong Kong's youth.

The two institutions, both at Pok Fu Lam on the Hong Kong Island, were the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute and the Hospitality Industry Training and Development Center.

Li was briefed by Council Chairman Andrew Leung on the vocational training system in Hong Kong and the council's work. He then saw a cooking and wine-tasting demonstration, and chatted with students.

The vice premier encouraged the institute's trainees to develop their full potential. Training and learning skills paved the way for jobs, and more skills won't be a burden for people, he said.

Established in 1982, the Vocational Training Council is the largest vocational education, training and professional development group in Hong Kong.


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