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Chinese Vice Premier Li says to boost cooperation between mainland, Hong Kong


16:15, August 17, 2011

HONG KONG, Aug. 17 (Xinhua) -- The central government will work to ensure stable material supply to Hong Kong and enhance technological and educational cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong, visiting Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang said at a forum here on Wednesday.

As part of series of policies and measures to promote the city' s economic and social development, the central government will endeavor to ensure stable supply of grain, meat, fruits, vegetables, power and gas to Hong Kong to reduce price and market volatility.

The central government will also step up efforts to support Hong Kong in improving its innovation abilities such as expanding and deepening technological cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong, integrating the city's resources into the nation's overall innovation system, building the Hong Kong branch of national engineering technology research center and helping set up high-tech industrial bases here to strengthen its high-tech prowess.

Besides, some mainland colleges and universities are permitted to start the trials of open admission for Hong Kong students on the basis of their senior high school graduation exams performance, which is a boon to students here seeking study and career opportunities on the mainland.

Li is on a three-day official visit to Hong Kong, the first of its kind since he took the office of vice premier in 2008.


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