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Full text of toast by President Hu at welcoming luncheon for Shenzhen Universiade


18:00, August 12, 2011

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 12 (Xinhua) -- The following is the full text of the toast by Chinese President Hu Jintao at the welcoming luncheon of the opening ceremony of the 26th Summer Universiade in Shenzhen.

Toast by Hu Jintao

President of the People's Republic of China

At Welcoming Luncheon of the Opening Ceremony of the 26th Summer Universiade

Shenzhen, 12 August 2011

Your Excellency George E. Killian, President of the International University Sports Federation, Distinguished Heads of State and Government, Distinguished Members of the Executive Committee of the International University Sports Federation, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,

Tonight, the grand opening of the 26th Summer Universiade will be held here in Shenzhen. I wish to extend, on behalf of the Chinese government and people, a very warm welcome to all the distinguished guests.

Since its birth in 1959, guided by the principle of developing university sports and promoting unity and cooperation across the world, the Universiade has offered university athletes around the world a platform to compete with each other and showcase their sportsmanship. It has served as a bridge that brings young people in the world together to deepen their mutual understanding and friendship, thus giving a strong boost to the cause of international youth sports.

Over the past 50 years and more, university athletes all over the world have been actively engaged in sports competition to bring out their best and displayed youthful vigor. University students from different countries, ethnic groups and religious backgrounds have forged a bond of friendship through exchanges and ineractions at the Universiade. Here, diverse cultures mingle, the seed of friendship is sown and the spirit of cooperation is fostered. This is where the appeal of the Universiade lies, and this is what the Universiade is all about.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,

As the youngest metropolitan city in China, Shenzhen is full of vitality. It is an important window through which you can learn about contemporary China. I am convinced that thanks to the good preparations made by the government and people of Shenzhen over the past several years and with the active participation and joint efforts of the International University Sports Federation and the delegations of various countries and regions, this Summer Universiade will go down in the history of the Universiade as a unique and high-standard sporting event.

Now I wish to propose a toast,

To the success of the 26th Summer Universiade,

To unity and friendship among the people of the world, and

To the health of all the distinguished guests and your families.



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