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Gadhafi dead:Libya's revolt claims

(People's Daily Online)

21:54, October 20, 2011

According to the overseas media report, Gadhafi was captured by the revolutionary forces in Sirte, with his legs being damaged. He then died because of severe wounds.(

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PD User at 2011-10-22184.66.11.*
Nato , with the US behind it , exposes itself as the world"s new mafia. US now has a now a Security Panel at the highest level to decide who is to be on the "kill list". China and Russia have to be careful whatever "the Great Games" Nato/US is trying to play.
going at 2011-10-20180.109.208.*
why do American invade lybya
Jim at 2011-10-20121.22.43.*
dead"s good to him

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