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China vows to increase assistance to Mozambique


12:53, August 11, 2011

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (R) shakes hands with visiting Mozambican President Armando Emilio Guebuza in Beijing, capital of China, Aug. 10, 2011. (Xinhua/Pang Xinglei)

BEIJING, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) -- China said Wednesday it will increase assistance to Mozambique in agriculture, medical services, education and training in order to help the African nation improve its people's livelihoods.

Premier Wen Jiabao made the pledge while meeting visiting Mozambique President Armando Emilio Guebuza Wednesday afternoon.

"The Chinese government supports Mozambique's efforts to maintain national stability, develop its economy and eliminate poverty," Wen said.

He added that the government will continue to increase assistance to Mozambique through bilateral channels as well as some international organizations such as the China-Africa Cooperation Forum and an economic and trade cooperation forum between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

Guebuza thanked China for its valuable long-term assistance and spoke highly of the solid foundation of bilateral, friendly cooperation.

He said Mozambique is implementing new plans in national development and poverty reduction and wants to learn from China's experience in this regard.

He hopes the two countries will enhance economic, technological and cultural exchanges.

Wen said China is willing to strengthen planning coordination with Mozambique and expand investment and financing cooperation in transportation, telecommunication, energy and mining on the basis equality and reciprocity.

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