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Shanghai closes major bridges as Typhoon Muifa sweeps past


12:06, August 07, 2011

Photo taken on Aug. 6, 2011 shows the cloudy sky above the observatory at the Bund in Shanghai, east China, before the arrival of Typhoon Muifa. The forthcoming Muifa is expected to land from coastal region of east China's Zhejiang Province or Shanghai City on Saturday night or Sunday morning, according to latest weather forecast. (Xinhua/Cai Yaofang)

Shanghai on Sunday closed a second major sea bridge linking the urban area to an outlying island amid gusts packed by Typhoon Muifa which swept across the region.

The closure of the 16.63-km-long Yangtze Bridge to traffic followed a similar action that sealed the 32.5-km-long East Sea Bridge on Saturday afternoon, local traffic authorities said.

The authorities also imposed speed limits on highways and launched a thorough safety inspection of transportation infrastructure.

According to the National Meteorological Center, Typhoon Muifa, moving northward off the east China coast, is expected to land in Shandong Province to the north of Shanghai on Monday morning.


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