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Winners for Nature & Environment News Stories: Rape of growth

By Ole Elfenk-mper (

15:13, March 27, 2012

Albania is waiting for accession to the European Union, economic progress, political stability and for tourists yet to come. Dilapidated industrial plants, a lack of sewage plants and high air pollution burden the environment. Rivers, soil and lakes are so heavily polluted that it would take decades to eliminate the damage and the people have no other choice but to live in this pollution. Until 2010, the goverment had initiated an enviromental program to reduce the level of pollution to a european mediocrity. That program was only translated partly into action and terminated without real success. Currently, there are still plans to advance the protection of the environment.

The 8th China International Press Photo Contest
Nature & Environment News Stories - Bronze Prize
Rape of growth
22-years-oldToni is seen posing for photos before an oil plant in Ballsh, Albania, July 4, 2011.Toni grew up in Ballsh and went to Greece for work. As the economy crisis started, he lost his job and therefore he had to leave Greece. Now he lives back at home with his family and helps out in his fathers motorcycle garage.

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Nature & Environment News Stories Winners
Gold Prize - In memory of Chernobyl
Silver Prize - Hunting for walruses
Award of Excellence - Three years after the Plastic limit order
Award of Excellence - The hard journey of cotton industry


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