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Man devotes life to carry on China's ceramic tradition

(People's Daily Online)

17:18, October 25, 2011

Gao is cutting flowers in his home, which is located in the suburb of Beijing (Photo/Xinhua)

Edited and Translated by Zhao Guobing, People's Daily Online

Born in a ceramic-making family in Yixing, Zhejiang province, Gao Zhenyu was personally tutored by Gu Jingzhou, the master of Chinese ceramic art. Gao went into Nanjing University of the Arts (NUA) for further study of ceramic art and studied abroad in Japan after graduating from NUA.

Thanks to his solid training in modern art education and his international perspective, Gao had a firm foundation in ceramic art. After returning from Japan, Gao went into Chinese National Academy of Arts Ceramic Art Research Center and established his own studio to continue the study of ceramic art.

Vessel ceramic art creations constitute the main body of Gao's works, whose sculpture, varnish, glazing color and feature best interpret the spirit of China's ceramic art. You can also feel the spirit of the time in his works. Gao’s talent and sense of beauty help him form a unique style. According to his principle, the soul of vessels lies in application and this idea goes with all his vessel creations.

"People used to train themselves time and again for a better understanding of clay because they understand that every time they can get a different adobe. Only when man's heart, hands and clay fuse together, can they work freely just like water flows," Gao said.

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