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Visually impaired people perform Taichi


15:35, October 13, 2011

(Xinhua/Li Fangyu)

Members of "The Dream Team" practise Taichi during a trainging session in Sanhe City of north China's Hebei Province, on Aug. 25, 2011. "The Dream Team", a Taichi performing team which is made up of visually impaired people, performed on the eve of National Day. Their perfect performance won the applause and praise of audience. Wan Zhouying, the founder of "Xiayouxinshe" folk Taichi extension agency, helped students who came from the massage major of Zhangcheng School for the Blind practicing Taichi for 3 months. From early July, Wan Zhouying and visually impaired students began to prepare for the show. Because of their heavy burden of curriculum, those students can only spend 2 hours practicing Taichi per week. Although Taichi seems simple to normal people, it is quite difficult for visually impaired people. Sometimes, Wan could not explain some specific actions or poses by words then he would ask students to touch him. However, even those students imitated him by touching, Wan still had to correct their actions one by one. Students from Zhangcheng School for the Blind said that Taichi made them more confident and healthy. The control of muscle and power they learned from Taichi is benefit for a better massage skill as well. (Xinhua/Li Fangyu)

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