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Rebels uncover mass grave in Tripoli


13:41, September 28, 2011

A Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) fighter shows what is believed to be human jawbone found inside a mass grave near Abu Salim prison in Tripoli, Libya, Spet. 27, 2011. The NTC on Sunday said they had found a mass grave containing the bodies of 1,270 people killed by Gaddafi's security forces in a 1996 massacre at Abu Salim prison in southern Tripoli. (Xinhua/Li Muzi)

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There must be many mass graves attributable to the rebels. In Benghazi it was reported the rebels had vigilante squads & nightly death squads that had targeted 6000 pro-Gaddafi civilians in their homes not long after the unrest began. In Zlitan it was reported there was revenge killings, looting & torching of pro-Gaddafi civilian homes & shops, & reporters found 5 bodies beaded by the rebels shoved down a well. When reporters tried to investigate, areas were bulldozed. In a black community near Misrata, blacks were systematically murdered by the rebels, accused of being mercenaries. The community is now a ghost town. Blacks elsewhere were also systematically killed by the rebels, accused of being mercenaries, even though there were over 1 million black migrant workers in Libya. The rebels systematically killed – often by beheading, lynching, pro-Gaddafi civilians & captured soldiers. NATO bombing reportedly killed over 2,000 civilians, wounding many more. The rebels killed a woman and her children because her name was Gaddafi, no relation to Colonel Gaddafi. Instances were reported of rebels killing blacks and pro-Gaddafi civilians, then the rebels blamed it on Gaddafi forces. NATO & the rebels cut off electricity, water, food & medicine supplies to Gaddafi strongholds of Sirte & Bani Walid, NATO is still heavily bombing Gaddafi strongholds. The tables are reversed, the NTC is in power, and NATO & the rebels are bombing their own people, in blatant violation of the UN resolution establishing a no fly zone. NATO & Qatar have boots on the ground, & supplied the rebels with arms, another blatant violation of the UN arms embargo. Western media and politicians who supported the colonial aggression are covering up NATO & rebel crimes, and spreading false lies about Gaddafi government, to justify their own criminal actions. The report of the Tripoli mass grave attributed to Gaddafi appeared in the media just before the Canadian Parliament voted on extending the Libya mission another 3 months. Just before the Canadian Parliament voted on extending the mission in June for another 3 months, the media reported Gaddafi was using rape as a weapon of war, and the senior UN investigator found no evidence to support the allegation. NATO’s war in Libya was about Western countries gaining control of Libya’s oil, gas & gold, regime change, & military occupation. Anyone who thinks it was about bringing democracy & freedom of belief is delusional.

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