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One-armed teacher brings hope to rural children

(People's Daily Online)

15:21, September 09, 2011

Around 9 p.m., Shao Jun, a one-armed teacher, makes preparations for classes the next day. (Xinhua/Liu Junxi)

Shao Jun, now a rural teacher of Dongshan primary school, lost his right arm 25 years ago in an accident as a migrant worker.

Thirteen years ago, Shao started work as a teacher at the Dongshan Primary School located in the Yinping Mountain in Sanbing County, Chaohu city in eastern China's Anhui province. At the primary school, there are only two teachers and 13 students, with 10 in the first grade and three in the second grade. Shao teaches all the courses for the three students in the second grade.

Edited and Translated by Han Shasha, People's Daily Online

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Robert at 2011-09-1058.96.89.*
The Government needs to ensure that rural teachers get an immediate salary increase and start paying them at a respectable level. How can they expect young people to want to enter this vital profession when they pay rural teachers so poorly.
Peter at 2011-09-0924.87.17.*
My opinion is that for for every sky-scraper build or luxury car sold in the country a percentage of money should be charged for the purpuose to fix up these rual schools and to compensate these dedicated teachers properly.

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