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Chinese premier meets with Pakistani FM


08:07, August 25, 2011

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (R) meets with Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar in Beijing, capital of China, Aug. 24, 2011. (Xinhua/Liu Jiansheng)

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Hammad Sethi at 2011-08-2578.144.213.*
We need to understand the reason for US and Western interest in a poor and backward country such as Pakistan since its independence. We also need to understand the so-called war on terror and its importance for USA. We also need to understand what is in Pakistani national interest. It seems that Pakistan is in a quagmire that we need to pull ourselves out off, and it is not difficult at all. We need to realize that it is we, the Pakistani Muslims, who are going to provide a secure future for our children, if we left it for USA, EU, Britain, Russia, Hindus, Sikhs, or Jews, they would rather like to see our children, and our children’s children to be designated collateral damage for their war campaigns till the end of time, and we know that. We remember the love that USA used to show for our leaders long time ago back in 60s, and we also remember the role that USA played in the disintegration of Pakistan in 1971. We need to understand the depth and the motives and the ultimate goals of US policies. We also need to understand why USA allowed Pakistan to become a Nuclear weapons State in the first place. Back in early 80s, the USA, the USSR, France, UK, could force Pakistan to do whatever they wanted Pakistan to do. If Pakistan could not stop USA to use its soil after 9/11, then back in the 80s Pakistan was even more desperate. If they could attack Iraq then why did they not attack Pakistan, even though USA is always making a fuss, like they are doing something to get rid of Pakistani nuclear arsenal? One thing is very obvious that the international community no longer believes in the US propaganda about secularism, respect for human rights, democracy, or freedom. We need to remember, that because United Nations offices are in the USA; the USA is in a unique position to pressurize the UN staff, and coerce them to support its hegemonic policies. Another fact is that today’s China is a super power and USA is dependent on China in many aspects, so USA can no longer do anything about Pakistani nuclear arsenal even if USA wanted to. The other thing is that if Pakistan really decided to teach USA a lesson, Pakistan can put the USA in a very difficult and desperate position, so USA really is on Pakistan’s mercy at this point in time. If we look at what is happening in Europe at this point in time, we can easily understand that France and Germany are in the process of trying to build a white Catholic European Empire. Such things are not planned and implemented overnight, especially when you have dozens of competing feuding nations desperately trying to put each other down. You need a single currency, and also a centre of political and economic power to serve as a political and economic hub. And we see USA assisting France and Germany in all their endeavors. Such things are planned over centuries and if we just look at the last century, we realize that the so-called First World War finished the Ottoman Empire, the so-called Second World War finished the British Empire, and the so-called Cold War finished the Russian Empire. And now we have France and Germany left building a Catholic Empire in Europe with US help. This proves that USA, France and Germany were always allies and were working for Vatican long before the so-called First World War. The last important obstacle left in Europe for France and Germany is the British currency, which is the Pound Sterling and London’s political and economic stature, whatever is left. There are two ways of getting rid of Pound Sterling and London for the Catholics; either Britain joins the Eurozone, or London and Pound Sterling are internationally isolated and forced into extinction. USA got it’s independence from Britain under the slogan that God had created all human being free and equal, but does USA exercise or respect the values of Freedom and Equality in the pursuit of international affairs. If USA wanted to win the war on terror then all it had to do was to do something to ensure freedom for Kashmiries and Palestinians, and to ensure economic activity in militant infested regions. But even after reassuring Pakistan time and again about the development of Export Processing Zones in the tribal areas of Pakistan, USA has done nothing, even though it would not even cost a tenth of what is spent on the war effort in a month. So USA does not want to ensure Freedom and Equality, instead USA wants to prolong the subjugation of Muslims. So, secularism, respect for human rights, democracy and freedom never really meant anything. But why does the USA want to prolong the subjugation and suffering of Muslims? The answer is very simple; and that is that USA is running a global financial empire through terror and tyranny, and keeping Muslims on the defensive and on the receiving end, ensures US position of the biggest terrorist tyrannical power in the world; it also makes it simple to manipulate British and Russian policies and it also gives USA a reason to run a huge defense spending which ensures white Catholic hegemony in the world, especially after the end of USSR. So keeping all this in mind we need to figure out what is important for Pakistan. We are fighting a war in South Waziristan to support a corrupt regime in Afghanistan who do not hold majority support and who we know will always be the worst enemies of Pakistan, and will always support Hindu India against Pakistan. We also need to understand that to become economically successful we need to think logically and work hard, making full use of our resources. We do not need to become ‘free’ like Europeans to become successful. The so-called freedom in Europe has only been spread in the world by Vatican to make the non-Catholics weak by destroying their family values. Catholicism is the most organized religion and once they finish building their global empire they can take things back to the way they need them to be, but the rest of the world will be in ruins in respect of moral values. This world is a feud of women, wealth, and land; and if you take control of the wealth, you can buyoff women and land. That is why Muslim men used to struggle to find jobs in Christian world and India. So we are fighting this war to control radicalism. Is a radical Muslim better for Pakistani society, or do we need a Meera to go to India to take off her clothes for Hindus for a little bit of money? So we are fighting a war in tribal areas against radical Muslims and USA is supporting this war effort and is willing to stay in Afghanistan until 2024, even though USA is itself almost bankrupt and cannot afford to spend money on wars, and is living off borrowed money. 70% of Pakistani revenue comes from Karachi, and if there is peace in Karachi for ten years, Pakistani Economy will surely double in size and all Pakistani cities will be flourishing and Pakistanis will not need to go to Britain or USA to find jobs. But we see Altaf Hussain creating all the Havoc in Karachi while he permanently has settled in Britain, and we also see BLA terrorists getting asylums in Britain. Why is Britain doing this and why is USA keeping us involved in a useless war and not letting us attend to Karachi, which is our economic lifeline and can ensure a bright future for our Children? The answer is very simple. The British want White Christian dominance in the world, and they have always believed that Indian Hindus can control the rise of Chinese world and the Muslim world, and USA has lead Britain to believe that USA supports British policy and that Pakistan as a State is bound to fail sooner or later. By keeping Britain on this track USA has slowly and seamlessly stripped Britain of all its assets, be it Financial or territorial, and Britain has slowly become more and more dependent on Europe and will sooner or later end up in Europe, which is what the Vatican wants. Nobody just gives up power. After the Second World War, Britain did not want to leave the sub-continent, but it was left under the impression that Hindus were going to take their place and they were going to run a financial empire till the end of time. The Indians allowed the last Viceroy of India to stay on as Governor General of India even after independence to build that bond between Britain and Hindu India. The USA had to stay in Pakistan after that to run the show. The British were kept under the impression that Pakistan was a failing State. And we can see that things have only gone from bad to worse in Pakistan. Pakistan was allowed to become a nuclear power keeping Hindus, Jews, and non-Catholic Christians under the impression that USA was keeping a close eye on Pakistan, and many times Pakistan came close to nuking India because of this vague US policy. If Pakistan had ever nuked India then Britain would have quietly joined the Eurozone, and US policy would have been a success. Even now, all USA has to do is to put a travel ban on Pakistan, and stop Pakistanis from travelling to USA, and it no longer has to spend trillions on war, but USA does not want to do that. USA wants to keep Britain under the impression that India is the final bet to stay on as a great power, and that Pakistan is a failing State, and thousands of immigrants keep moving to Britain to put pressure on British system and to bleed Britain. All the terrorism in Karachi and Baluchistan is being managed from Britain under British supervision and USA knows this, but USA keeps Britain under the impression that USA is supporting British policies indirectly. For one thing Britain is slowly becoming more and more dependent on Europe, and on the other hand Muslim Pakistan is not allowed to takeoff economically and kept under US tyranny. It is Britain and India carrying out terrorist acts in Karachi and Baluchistan and we are fighting a stupid war against radicals which is only going to help India and Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. Why are we doing this? We can easily understand US policy by the Iraq example. USA did not need Britain in any way to attack Iraq, but there were 70000 British working in Iraqi oil industry and Britain had billions in yearly trade with Iraq, so the British were brought into the equation. British thought that they were going to steal oil, and destroy a Muslim country. Iraqi oil was in total, worth about 4 trillion dollars at that time, and USA could have printed the money and bought off Iraq. But USA went to war and spent another 2 trillion dollars on the war, and then left without anything. So the British lost the jobs and the trade and went even further into Europe. As long as Britain is under the impression that Pakistan can be destroyed and Hindu India can be turned into a global power, they will never stop interfering in Pakistani internal affairs and USA will not leave the region. But today the world has changed and Britain have woken up to the reality that Britain does not have a place in Catholic Europe. And being on the wrong side of Pakistan will also put them on the wrong side of China and the Muslim world, especially Saudi Arabia, and they know they cannot afford it, because they know that they can also not trust USA. I am sure that Al-Qaeda and TTP are being supported by USA to keep Muslim world’s policies on the wrong track and to distract Muslims from the real issues. Pakistan needs to restore peace in Karachi, which provides us with 70% of our revenues, and completely crush the terrorists, and we will never have to do it again, because Britain and India now have no illusions of world dominance. In fact Britain is finished, and will not be able to offer any support to MQM or BLA. Both the MQM and BLA are a big liability for Britain. If we bring peace back to Karachi, we can quadruple Karachi’s economy, and the economy of the whole of Pakistan in 20 years, and that will ensure a bright future for our Children. And we will also be in a position to offer something to Muslim Ummah.

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