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Massive fish die-off in Zi River devastates Hunan fish farms

(People's Daily Online)

13:48, August 12, 2011

A fish farmer squats and pulls up a net full of dead fish in Xinshao, Hunan on Aug.10. In recent days, a number of fish died successively in the waters of the Zi River in Xinshao. A lot of professional fish farmers' farm-raised fish and wild fish in the river died in succession. The stretch of river filled with dead fish is about 55 kilometers long, starting from Yangxi Bridge, the boundary of Xinshao and Shaoyang, and extending to the dam of the hydropower station in Xiaoxi, Xinshao. More than 130 fish-farming households have suffered a combined loss of fish totaling more than 200 tons — excluding uncounted wild fish — and direct economic loss of at least 20 million yuan. (Xinhua/Liu Liangheng)

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