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Film, TV spending rises 16 pct in Hollywood North


13:45, March 07, 2012

VANCOUVER, March 6 (Xinhua) -- Film and TV production spending in Canada's British Columbia, which won the reputation of Hollywood North for its place in North America's film and TV industry, rose by 16 percent during 2011, according to data released on Monday.

BC Film Commission data shows film and television expenditures in 2011 topped 1.188 billion dollars, an increase of 167 million dollars over 2010. A total of 281 productions were undertaken in B.C. in 2011, 35 more than in 2010.

Television series (504 million dollars) and feature films (447 million dollars) provided the most production activity for 2011. Other television projects and animation accounted for the remaining 237 million dollars, according to the commission.

British Columbia has more than 600 digital media companies employing 16,000 people and generating 2.3 billion dollars in annual sales, making it the hub for film and TV industry in Canada.

"We will continue to support the success of film and TV through strategic tax credits, as well as funding for organizations that help filmmakers do business in the province," said Ida Chong, minister of community, sport and cultural development of British Columbia.

British Columbia is the fourth-largest overall film and TV production center in North America behind Los Angeles, New York and Toronto.

Film and TV production contributes over 1 billion dollars annually to the provincial economy, employing 20,000 people directly and supporting 15,000 jobs indirectly.


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