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Actress Sean Young released on bail


15:47, February 28, 2012

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 27 (Xinhua) -- Actress Sean Young, arrested on suspicion of committing misdemeanors after the Oscar ceremony, was released on Monday after posting a 20,000 U.S. dollar bail, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

Young, 52, was arrested Sunday evening along with nine others, and spent five hours under police custody for allegedly battering a security guard at the post-ceremony Governors Ball.

Young, who was best known for starring in the 1987 thriller "No Way Out," got into a dispute with the guard after the latter asked her to leave upon finding out she did not have a ticket to get into the party, according to various reports.

She reportedly slapped the guard when the latter placed his hand on her arm in an attempt to lead her away from the party.

Young, whose film credits also include "Blade Runner" and "Wall Street," blamed the guard for the incident.

"I started to leave and (the guard) grabbed my arm and he started pulling me," she told People magazine. "I turned around and I was pulling my arm away, and I struck him."

She will appear at the court on March 19.

The actress has previously entered treatment for alcoholism after she heckled director Julian Schnabel at the Directors Guild of America Awards in January 2008.


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